My 2012 Depression Quilt Top

This is my first quilt and I am so proud of myself! I used old jeans that don’t fit me anymore (cause I lost weight! yee-haw!) and I don’t have a good stash of fabric scraps yet so I had to improvise and buy old some fabric samples from Betty’s Fabric’s in Santa Maria. I’m calling it “My 2012 Depression Quilt” for a couple of reasons. #1, obviously because of our economy, but #2 because it reminds me of the quilts my Grandma and Great Grandma had from the Depression of the 1930’s and 1940’s.



Hello Beautiful Lady…

I’ve been slowly trying to pull myself out of the “Blah” mood I’ve been in lately and I had actually started this exact embroidery project, using blues and purples when I¬†recieved a newsletter from Stitched In Color about thier monthly Celebrate Color contest and I decided, “Hey, why not?!”

Nothing like a challenge with a dead-line to get me motivated. So, I ditched the first embroidery of this gal and started in using fall colors.

At times, this¬†project felt like it took forever! I started working on this Beautiful Lady on October 6th and finally finished this piece at 1 am on October 25th!!! Why is it that I don’t work fast until dead-lines loom?

What started as an idea for a crazy quilt, somehow morphed into a not-so-crazy, but still pretty quilted wall hanging. Wishing you a beautiful fall…

p.s. -If you would like the pattern for this lady from the Roaring Twenties, she and her friends can be purchased from Sublime Stitching.

Hello world!

Well, I’ve contemplated the idea of having a blog off and on for over a year now and finally decided to give it a go. This blog is about my life – all the ups and downs, the good, the bad, the funny, and the ugly. For now, I’m going to remain anonymous but that may one day change. Sounds kinda’ chicken shit but give me a chance to find my way around and to see where this road leads…